Wellington IronTeam

Training together for Half & Full Iron-distance events
All goals and abilities welcome

Smart Training Plans

Choose from a range of training plans to suit your goal:

"Complete" the distance
"Challenge" yourself to go faster
"Perform" amongst the best


Squad Training

Twice weekly squad training:

Tuesday 6pm: Oriental Bay run

Saturday 7.30am: Bike/run in different areas of Wellington

We train in groups so you will be with others of a similar speed

Coach & Team Support

Coach and team support is available online:

- Ask questions
- Contribute your experience
- Share the journey
- Stay motivated
- Learn together

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No joining fees. No long term commitment.

Mr Smith's Wellington IronTeam Squad



Our 2017 Season Plan


Run Focus (complete for 2017)

The Wellington Half Marathon or 10k event is our primary focus during this time, so swim and bike disciplines take more of a back seat.

We're out to improve running performance, but have a bit of fun along the way.

Winter Base Training - starts 26 June

This is base training but not just long boring mileage out in the cold!

Get the best result without big winter training hours. Our base training has a focus on skills, strength, higher intensities, plus all round endurance.

All training plans start with shorter workouts (rides of 1h, and runs of 30min) and gradually build to peak at the right time.

  • The "Complete" plan focuses on skills and consistency of training
  • The "Challenge" plan includes a mix of endurance with some harder training
  • The "Perform" plan sees you training more frequently and at higher intensity

You'll need an indoor trainer for your bike so we can train effectively when the weather is bad, but of course we'll ride outdoors when the weather is good.

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Half Ironman Race Prep - starts 25 Sept

Training gets longer and more specific as we build our Half Ironman skills, fitness, and experience. 

Our goal events are IronMaoriTaupo 70.3, and Rotorua Half.

To join the squad at this stage you must be ready to swim 1500m+, ride 3h, run 1h 15min, and do some training at higher intensities.

This is the squad's busiest time of year so we split into 3 or 4 groups for our training, that way you will be with others of a similar speed, not left on your own.

Summer Season - starts mid January

After a short Christmas break the squad keeps training together on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but with a range of different goals:

  • Other local events

Squad training takes a short break over Christmas, but our training plans will help you keep building fitness throughout.

Join now - only $89 per month

No joining fees. No long term commitment.


Why join us ? Train harder, learn more, perform better!


  • For the challenge and support of training with others
  • Meet others who are training for Half & Full Ironman-distance events
  • We are a friendly squad with no egos
  • For the all-important coffee and socialising after training!
  • Our squads are great value for money


Squad Pre-requisites

Whilst you can join this squad at any time, you must:

  • Ensure you are healthy and ready to train hard (seek medial clearance if necessary)
  • Be familiar with riding on the road, signalling, navigating intersections and traffic, etc
  • Have been training already so you have appropriate fitness for the point at which you join


Gerrard is a Triathlon New Zealand Accredited Coach