Gerrard is

Hi, my name is Gerrard and I am "Mr Smith".


Coaching great results, and a great experience

I have competed in all triathlon distances, cycling events, ocean swims, half marathons, and various other events. There have been plenty of successes in my training and racing, but I've had some hard lessons too: training approaches that didn't work, injuries, and poorly executed races. I've taken some knocks, and you get the benefit of these hard lessons.


What's with the name?

I wanted a name that was different to all the other "performance coach" kind of names out there. Yes you still get the performance with my coaching but you also get a lot more support  along the way.


My coaching philosophies

Coaching is about far more than just a training plan. To me coaching is about providing the environment and support you need to reach your goals. For some this is the accountability of regular checkups by the coach, for others it is helping to make sure training is executed appropriately, and for others it may be that support is only needed occasionally to prepare for events or when things aren't going to plan.

That's why I provide different coaching options, so we can make it work for you. But no matter which option you choose, there are some underlying philosophies I work to:

  • I'm here to guide and support your journey, but you're the only one that can make it happen
  • Training needs to make the most of limited time, but keep it fun too
  • Use gadgets and devices to help you train well, but don't be a slave to the numbers - get to know your body and how it works
  • Race day execution is just as important as doing the training. Plan it and practice it
  • Learn to love the training and the results will follow


Contact me with any questions

Call: 021 390 961

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