Johnsonville Swim Squads

Our swim squads are based at Keith Spry Pool in Johnsonville.
The perfect location for people who live nearby or are commuting into the city.

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Squad details

6am - 7am Tue & Thu (waitlist) 
This is our most popular squad so you must commit to swimming both days.

Or mix and match these times:

  • Mon 6.30pm - 7.30pm
  • Tue 7am - 8am
  • Thu 7am - 8am

Pricing equates to $10 per session.
Payment in advance for the full term.
Pool entry is separate.

2019 term dates

Term 1: Jan 07 - Apr 04 (13 weeks)
Race conditioning with harder swim sets and race-specific skills

Term 2: Apr 29 - Jul 04 (10 weeks)
Back to basics with emphasis on technique
Opportunity for video analysis

Term 3: Jul 29 - Sep 26 (10 weeks)
Building distance and capacity for harder swimming

Term 4: Oct 14 - Dec 19 (10 weeks)
Open water skills, and conditioning ready to race

Our squads are for everyone

We have 3 lanes to cover a wide range of swimming abilities (speeds below are race-paced efforts):

  • Lane 1 swims 1:30 - 1:45 per 100m
  • Lane 2 swims 1:45 - 2:00 per 100m
  • Lane 3 swims 2:00+ per 100m

The emphasis in on developing robust technique, skills for the open water, and some harder training.

You are ready to join this squad if you can swim 750m (30 lengths) or more in one session, it does not need to be continuous.

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