Team Coaching Terms and Conditions


  • You take full and personal responsibility for your health, well being, and safety at all times

  • You will ensure you have no medical conditions that may be affected by strenuous physical exercise BEFORE you begin training

  • You will take responsibility for illness, injuries, and medical conditions by immediately seeking professional help and treatment when needed

  • You will not hold Mr Smith's Coaching Limited, or any employee or agent of the company, liable for any personal injury or loss of property

  • You do not have any right of action against Mr Smith's Coaching, or any employee or agent of the company, in respect of any injury, loss, or damage that may occur during your training

  • You will not share the training plans or other resources provided by Mr Smith's Coaching with anyone else - they are for your own personal use only

  • You will behave in a respectful and supportive manner towards all other team members at all times